Friday, 17 January 2014

27. Props and Costume

Tammy and Chloe will just have to wear normal, casual clothes that will keep them warm in the cold temperatures. The same can be said for Tammy during the birthday party scene, but she will take off her coat etc. Chloe, on the other hand, will wear a pretty, girly party dress. The rest of the birthday party guests will also just wear casual clothes and so will Mrs Hopkirk.

We have bought a birthday cake and candles as well as party hats and balloons to create the party atmosphere and make the scene authentic. When we visit the park, we will bring a Frisbee with us to play with.

In the scene flashes where Tammy is in a dark room and making the MISSING poster, we will need paper, pens and a picture of Chloe. We will also need various photos of Chloe and an old teddy or doll that Tammy can hold sentimentally!


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