Monday, 2 December 2013

18. Storyline For the Whole Film- "Missing"

  1. Family at the park- only father and two daughters, no mother-->dead
  2. flashes of a missing child poster--> foreshadows later events
  3. family photo--> go back to when family photo was taken--> younger daughter's birthday
  4. older daughter gets the feeling that someone is watching them
  5. family go to the park--> older daughter still feels paranoid and uneasy
  6. POV keeps switching to someone hiding behind things in the park (heavy breathing)
  7. younger girl goes missing--> search party is sent out
  8. older sister is determined to find her sister--> doesn't trust the police because of the way they handled their mother's death (mother was killed in a hit and run)
  9. with the help of her friend/love interest--> she tries to find her sister
  10. they keep finding clues but they are actually bait to draw them in
  11. they get captured too-->find out that he kidnapped younger sister because of reason that are related to their mother--> you don't find out why
  12. they try to think of an escape plan
  13. love interest/friend decides to create a distraction to give the sisters time to escape
  14. he gets shot in the leg and can't escape with them
  15. sisters are on the run and end up hiding in a forest for the night
  16. they're lost and can't find their way out and back home
  17. they pass out from exhaustion and wake up in a hospital
  18. their father is there and explains that they were found by a park ranger who identified them as the missing girls and contacted the police
  19. love interest/friend is also there, his leg is bandaged and he is on crutches
  20. he explains how he escaped with flashbacks and voice-over
  21. kidnapper is still on the loose
  22. older sister receives a bunch of flowers with a get well card--> inside is a note from the kidnapper saying that he will find her and silence her for good
  23. film is left on a cliff-hanger that hints at a sequel.
The film is set in North America and has four main characters and roughly 3 sub-main characters. The four main characters are:

  1. Older Sister- Sophie Campbell
  2. Love Interest/Friend- Michael Hamilton (Mikey)
  3. Younger Sister- Isla Campbell
  4. Kidnapper- no-name
The three other sub-main characters are:

  1. The Father- Joseph Campbell
  2. Policeman 1- Detective Jones
  3. Policeman 2- Detective Roberts

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