Monday, 9 December 2013

21. Sound For Our Film

We found our music on and chose the track called Gentle Caress. We chose this track because it fits with our desired atmosphere and it isn't to eccentric and busy. We didn't want to have music that took the focus away from the scenes.

We then went onto to find Foley sounds to build the atmosphere. We chose a track with a light wind and bird calls because our opening is set in a park and we needed to have natural background sounds. We also chose the sound of children laughing to put in, again because of the park setting. In our opening we have a girl splashing in a puddle, so we chose a splash effect too and also a man breathing heavily to invoke fear when there are the shots from the point of view of the kidnapper watching the girls. There are flashes of a girl making a 'Missing' poster so we chose a sound effect of the scratch of a pen that we want to have subtly playing in the background during that shot. We think that these effects will make the scenes more realistic and creepy but still subtle and simple.

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