Friday, 28 February 2014

Evaluation Point 4- Who would be the audience for your media product?

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Our target audience would be female and in the age range of 15-35 years old.  However our movie specifically is aimed at teenage girls. Therefore our ideal audience member would need to be a 17 year old girl in her first  or second year of sixth form. In order to find the character of Mikey attractive she would have to have a keen almost superficial interest in boys (as most teenage girls have a typical famous teenage crush on boy band members such as Niall Horan and George Shelley).

The type of girl we would be targeting is informally known as a "townie" or a "styler". These are the average  girls you would find on the high street laughing and shopping with friends. They are the type of girls who like what is "in" at the moment and don't see a problem in following the crowd. They have a keen interest in fashion (as long as it's up to date) and will wear whatever the most popular celebrity of the week has been spotted out wearing. Therefore we would have to do a lot of publicising. We would also have to make sure our film was good enough to be a "must see" by including key elements of the genres that appeal most to teenage girls.

Here is the UK Tribes definition of a "townie"...
Our perfect audience member would enjoy watching films like 'Gone' but also enjoy things like 'I am Number 4' and other movies that are a combination of thrilling action and teen romance. They will enjoy going out with their friends and seeing popular films in the cinema just for the expeince of going out and they will be drawn to film by the high-profile and attractive actors and the intriguing plot. Townies often follow what is seen as being "in" and the main method to attract them would be word of mouth and chat shows/publicity stunts with the actors. We have used an actress that is pretty for the main role but she is still an image that the audience can relate to. In the film we would have used an attractive male to play the role of the love interest, a character that these girls could lust over!

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