Friday, 28 February 2014

Evaluation Point 2- How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The blonde girl is the actress Erin Gerasimovich from the 2012 film Prisoners.

This film is similar to ours as it is in the same genre and they are both about a child/children that go missing and the search to find them. These films are both thrillers about abductions.

And this is Chloe Chapman, the little girl we used in our opening titles.

We conformed to the typical little girly girl stereotype by using a cute girl with blonde hair and an innocent face. We had her wearing pink and purple because they are the colours that people always associate with girls. She is small and has a high pitched voice and giggle, making her the kind of kid that the audience will find adorable and will make them emotional when she goes missing. When they are crossing the road, Chloe is holding Tammy's hand making her look dependant on Tammy and showing that Tammy is a caregiver for Chloe. In the real film, the little girl is on her dad's shoulders, making her look tiny in comparison with the adults and also showing the child's dependence on her father. Also in that same image, all the adults are wearing quite dull and dark clothes, making the pink of the little girl's jacket and clothes seem bright and lively. This could symbolise the importance of their daughter in their lives and how she brings colour and happiness. her messy hair makes her look scruffy and like she needs someone to take care of her.

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