Friday, 22 November 2013

12. Mood Board

 These pictures all include elements or ideas that we would like to involve in our film opening. These pictures have angles and lighting that we would like to acheive, especially the shadows, and they also look quite realistic.

 We chose to include family photos because we would like to show the protagonists family in order to get you closer to her and be able to relate to her.To connect to family to the missing child poster, we would like to use the section of our family photo that has the little girl in and use her image as the missing child poster image. This links them together

 We would like to set our scene in the park but have flashes of the little gril cowering somewhere.

The titles etc. will be on objects commonly found in the park. For example we would like to have a name or something similar on a piece of paper that is in a puddle and the little girl will come along and jump in the puddle.

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