Wednesday, 6 November 2013

6. Our Film Brief

We have decided to do an indie thriller about someone who is different from everyone else. We thought that this film brief was open to a wide range of ideas and angles that we could pursue. We chose this film brief because it was an area that we all found interesting and had many ideas for. Our idea is similar to the story told in 'The Jelly Baby Task' that we made. The idea is that we have two girls, best friends or sisters playing together (eg. in a park or house). We would establish the relationship between the girls and put the watchers at ease however the story quickly changes. One girl is taken or goes missing and the rest of the film would be about finding her and getting her home.

We would use fast editing and shots from a hand held camera to build tension and even point of view shots from the perspective of the kidnapper, looking out at the girls. By never showing the face of the kidnapper, we would be building tension and fear levels because you don't know who they are but you know that they are the bad guy. High angle shots of the girls will make them look vulnerable also. Lighting and colour will help us to establish who is good and who is bad. The girls will be in bright clothing and out in the sunlight, whereas the kidnapper will be wearing dark clothes and he will stick to the shadows (eg. under trees, behind corners etc).

Our idea has been accepted by Mrs Black :)

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