Saturday, 2 November 2013

5. The Jelly Baby Task

We had to create a set and story for our jelly babies. We decided to make our story a thriller. Our first two shots had a blue sky, in the other three the sky is black. We thought this would reflect on Yellow's mood and the intentions of the two other jelly babies. Also, places are much scarier in the dark and shadows make people paranoid. The final three shots were building up tension as well as solidifying Red and Black's bad guy persona and the impression that Yellow is innocent and vulnerable. This makes you feel fear when you see the final shot where Red and Black confront Yellow. We used music and speech to help create a tense atmosphere and to help the story flow better.

"This video follows the story of Yellow and Orange, two little jelly girls who are playing at the park when they notice a man hiding behind a tree. The man jumps out with a knife and kills Orange. Yellow is sad and scared and she keeps noticing two men following her. But what will they do to her?"

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