Saturday, 23 November 2013

14. Perfect Audience Member

The storyline we have chosen is very gripping but it involves a lot of aspects that would appeal to certain types of teenage girls. For example, our film is going to include a young male character that after years of hiding as a best friend and struggling in the friend zone, finally makes it to be the protagonists love interest. The person we would have chosen to play Michael "Mikey" if we were in fact making the real movie would have been an actor similarly looking to American actor Logan Lerman. He is not going to be included in the beginning of the movie but in order to appeal to our target audience we would have to make him attractive, not only that but he would need to be attractive to a certain group of girls. This links in closely with the picking of an ideal audience member. 

Our target audience would be female and in the age range of 15-35 years old.  However our movie specifically is aimed at teenage girls. Therefore our ideal audience member would need to be a 17 year old girl in her first  or second year of sixth form. In order to find the character of Mikey attractive she would have to have a keen almost superficial interest in boys (as most teenage girls have a typical famous teenage crush on boy band members such as Niall Horan and George Shelley).

The type of girl we would be targeting is informally known as a "townie" or a "styler". These are the average  girls you would find on the high street laughing and shopping with friends. They are the type of girls who like what is "in" at the moment and don't see a problem at all in following the crowd. They have a keen interest in fashion (as long as it's up to date) and will wear whatever the most popular celebrity of the week has been spotted out wearing. Therefore we would have to do a lot of publicising. We would also have to make sure our film was good enough to be a "must see" by including key elements of the genres that appeal most to teenage girls.

Here is the UK Tribes definition of a "townie"...

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